live music cairns


DJ Papa Stanley

Well known for his funky tropical vibe, with Jazz and Latin influenced dance tracks a speciality, he is also well accquainted with what a Corporate Function or Wedding requires. Known for his great sense of humour and cool calm and collective vibe, he will rock your function without a worry. Check out a Mashup of his Live Sound below.

Live Music Cairns. 3's A Crowd.
DJ Greg

Playing at a diverse range of Weddings and Corporate Events on full-time basis around the Far North, Greg knows exactly what to play and how to play it at any sized function. Having worked for clients such as Microsoft, Harley Davidson and Woolworths, Greg will cater to every requirement with a big grin (pictured left). Sound production is included in the quote.

Live Music Cairns. 3's A Crowd.
DJ Glenn

With just about every venue in the Far North under his belt, DJ Glenn aims to please and ensure everyone's music is heard. He has performed at Weddings, Corporate Events, School Formals and Festivals and other events.

Live Music Cairns. 3's A Crowd.
DJ Bart

DJ Bart's passion, talent & dedication had seen him forge a career playing music and has made valued contribution for Club Culture and Corporate Events in the Far North with residencies at all major nightclubs and events scattered all around the Far North. From Wedding Receptions to Cocktail Functions to Major Outdoor Events, there's definitely not a lot DJ Bart isn't equipped for. Sound production info included in quote.

Live Music Cairns. 3's A Crowd.