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Top 5 FNQ Bridal Waltz Songs

After a massive Wedding Season in the Far North, we sat down a few of our Wedding Bands in Cairns and asked them what the most popular songs clients are requesting for their Bridal Waltz. Arguably a tough choice for most couples (unless they have 'a song'). Take a look and listen to these tracks, as we rank from Number 5 to Number 1.

5) Sugar - Maroon 5 After the band famously crashed weddings across L.A as a publicity stint to promote their song and music video, this track has become world famous.

4) Marry You - Bruno Mars It's like Bruno wrote this song with a grand scheme behind it. We think it worked.

3) Harvest Moon - Neil Young The oldest song on the list by far - with age comes wisdom and nostalgia. We found this was mainly requested at Farm Weddings.

2) Perfect - Ed Sheeran & Beyonce Probably the sweetest song written in the past 5 years, after a quick listen, it's hard not to rate this tune which we think will hold up to be a classic - even for our children's children.

1) Thinkin Out Loud - Ed Sheeran Again, despite the controversial law suits against this Number 1 song, the authenticity and unique melody written by Ed is hard to fault. I'm sure if you're looking back at your wedding video in 15 years, this song will still leave you in a soft warm mushy mess, as you flash back to your 'younger selves' pop out some moves on the D-Floor.

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